Alan Partridge

Various sound clips and quotes collected from the “I’m Alan Partridge” shows.

[MP3] “Cock, piss partridge”
[MP3] “Give me another series you shit”
[MP3] “I’m Alan Partridge”
[MP3] “I’m confused”
[MP3] “I’m leaving you, you cow!”
[MP3] “Kiss my face!”

[MP3] “Look at me, I’m a giant witch”
[MP3] “Lynn, I’m not driving a mini metro”
[MP3] “There’s no point finishing your sentence..”
[MP3] Phone rings, Alan answers “Partridge”
[MP3] “Smell my cheese you mutha!”
[MP3] “Tell me about the ladyboys”
[MP3] “They’ve rebadged it, you fool”
[MP3] “You are so dirrrty!”
[MP3] “You big girls bra’s!”

[MP3] “Back of the net!”

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  • Stuart

    Any chance of the classic ‘Back of the Net’ clip as an mp3 from 1st episode of the 2nd series of I’m Alan Partridge, it would be greatly appreciated

  • fakman

    no problemo Stuart – see above (added it to the end of the list). Let me know if there are any more requests!

  • Stuart

    Cheers for that, and so quickly too. Bravo

  • Anonymous


    Love your mp3/Wav’s. Is it possible to get this sound?:

    Alan Partridge: “Welcome to Alan’s hot bath!”

    Thanks from Norwegian Little Britain/ Alan Partridge fan.

  • Anonymous

    is it possible to get the sound ‘looks like porridge’ when bouncing back gets pulped. Thanks

  • Adrian

    Classic stuff….

    A request if I could…. any chance of the ‘Pray silence for the Electric Light Orchestra’ moment? I need it for my wedding!!



  • Tom

    Hi love what u’ve done here and cud listen to the clips all day

    Can u get the Dante Fires bit please, where it goes something like this:

    Alan: Please?

    S African: No Alan u cant!

    Alan: Well theres no need for that

    S African: U cant!

    Alan: U done it again!!

  • daz

    Quote {{A request if I could…. any chance of the ‘Pray silence for the Electric Light Orchestra’ moment? I need it for my wedding!!}}

    Adrian, if you still want then let me know which series and which episode and ill rip it off the DVD into Mp3 for you mate :)

  • Chris

    Any chance of “Dan Dan Dan …….” on MP3 ?
    it’s for a friends ringtone, also called Dan

    Many Thanks

  • Kazzle


    As per previous request by other user – Chris – any chance of “Dan Dan Dan….”
    Series 2 Episode 3

    Many Thanks

  • KTG

    Any chance of the DAN clip from series 2 and the clips where he sacks alkl his staff

  • Iain

    Would you be able to get the quality “Stop getting Bond wrong” quote by Alan Partridge???


  • liam

    God dam i love alan partridge

  • Disappointed

    No “Aha!” ?
    I am disappointed.

  • Steve Coogan

    No I’m batman :-(