Cookit – iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch app

Welcome to the pages supporting Cookit. Here you can submit any comments you may have about the application - along with any bugs which you may have found.

What is Cookit? (cook - it)

Cookit is a cooking countdown application designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which allows a user to time a cooked meal to perfection!

You start by entering each of the items you wish to cook, along with their cooking time. The application will then work out when each item is due to be started. A timer and notification system makes sure you are keeping track with the schedule.

You can add items and save them to the library so you can quickly add them again later. Even save entire meals to a library so you can quickly load them again. (Note: this is only with the paid version, not Cookit Lite)

Watch it in action (iPhone full version)

Features (lite and full version)

  • Works out total cooking time
  • countdown until the meal is ready
  • countdown for individual items (when they need to be cooked)
  • alarm and vibrate alerts 1 minute before item is due to start
  • countdown continues and items are saved if you exit the app (so if you get a phone call or put the device to sleep, when you return to the app, the countdown will still be running.
  • Notifications for when the next item is ready even when the app is closed (you must have iOS4.0 or higher for this feature)

Features of full version (as above, plus)

  • Save individual items to a library
  • Save entire meals to a library

Purchasing - Full Version (59p / $0.99c)

CookIt App in the App Store

The app can be purchased from the App Store by searching for "Cooking timer" or you can visit the page by clicking the image above.

Free Cookit Lite Version

CookIt App in the App Store

The free version has the same functionality as the full version, minus the save items and meals feature.

Update 1.1

Fixed bug for timer not working when device went to sleep
Added 4 alarm tones which can be changed from the settings menu (found in the main iphone/ipod settings panel)
Added timer when countdown finishes

Update 1.1.1

Minor bug fixes with timing

Update 1.2

Multiple language support (English & Spanish ... more to follow)

Update 1.2.1

Update to fix crashes experienced when adding / editing items
Fixed several memory leaks

Update 1.2.2

Minor update to fix alarm not sounding

Update 1.3

Update to support iOS 4
Added new interface (this was waiting for V2, but I thought it would be nice to release early!)
Fixed the issue with device going to sleep in OS4. Please let me know if this is not working as I could only test on 3Gs. Hopefully iPhone 4 should be the same.

Update 2.0

Added library for saving meals and items
updated iOS4 support
new icons for retina display
added notifications when app is closed (requires iOS4 or higher)