Dress Up Lucy

Bored of what your Lucy is wearing today? Why not undress her and make her wear a nurses uniform… or an England flag. She’s all yours…. ;)

Warning: (Possibly nsfw) This does contain an image of a Lucy in her undergarments so if you’re at work, be careful!

Using the menu on the right hand side, simply select what type of clothing you would like to place on Lucy then drag it on to her! If you change your mind, simply drag the item back to the right or drop it on the rubbish bin.

We’ll add some more clothing soon – any requests??

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Simon H

Brilliant ideas, and always good for office banter. Also try the ‘random fall over’ on the way to the fax machine. Always gets a giggle.


me n my m8 tried it @ skool (techers instead of boss etc)
it was funny cos they were all screwin


I hate these Office dare things. No one ever does them and it’s only the setting of the work place that makes them mildly funny. Anywhere else and they’re just really watered down Jackass/Dirty Sanchez stunts (and I mean really watered-down)


very funny


how to undress her? :)))