How to make money on Quidco Part 3 – Utilities Providers

This is the third article in my series of how to make money on Quidco. Be sure to read Part 1 – What is Quidco? and Part 2 – Insurances. So far in our journey, we’ve made £190 from changing various Insurance companies. Next we’re looking to cash in by changing utility and service providers – remember – all via the Quidco website.

Always click on the links from the Quidco website otherwise you may not get the cashback as they won’t know about the visit! 

Changing your Utilities Providers

There are some amazing deals from the utility providers as they’re desperate for your business. It’s just a case of seeing which fit your monthly budget the best – and which offer the best deals which are not tied in. Watch out for the contract lengths on these as to make the most of this guide, you want to use it at least once a year. You don’t want to be tied in to a 18 or 24 month contract.

Many of the utility companies do combined deals for TV, phone and broadband – but they’re not always the best. They want ALL of your business, but this sometimes comes with hidden extras after a few months of your contract.


In this example, we decided to split them to make more cashback. Remember, you need to check these deals to make sure you’re not paying more per month than you are doing now. Otherwise the boost of a cashback incentive becomes null!


BT Broadband are paying £90 for broadband only. They do offer more, such as £100 if you take TV too or £150 if you take their broadband, tv, landline and mobile). See all the BT Broadband Deals.

Gas & Electricity

We have combined our gas and electricity for this example as that’s usually the best way to get the best cashback (and we like the simplicity of it all under one bill). I have heard of people splitting the gas and electricity up between two suppliers, but that’s for another day!


The top cashback today is with EDF Energy. They are offering £50 cashback for dual fuel. £20 if you take gas or electricity.


We opted for Sky TV here as they have long been the best cashback provider on Quidco. There are other offers from NowTV too if you don’t want to go for Sky. Remember, this is assuming you don’t already have Sky TV. If you do, there are also deals available for existing customers such as upgrading your package.


Sky TV are offering up to £140 cashback here – but we’re only interested in the TV part. The £140 is when you take the full TV and their Fibre broadband connection. If you’re planning on doing that – fantastic! The cashback for just the TV is £125 for the complete TV bundle, £115 for TV bundle + sports, £115 for TV + Movies. We’re going to go with the basic TV package, the “Variety bundle” which gets us a nice £105 cashback! Have a look at their deals yourself.


Just by changing our utility providers, we’ve made another £245! Our running total (including £190 from changing insurance companies) is now £435!

Remember, you can do this each year and find the best deals. You can also use this as amazing leverage when negotiating at the end of your contract. If you phone up saying you’ve seen a deal where you get £100 cashback so you’re going to move, they will usually do all they can to keep you!!

What’s next?

In Part 3 we’re going to look at finances. How you can make cashback from changing your bank (not such a big job any more!), credit cards, loans and savings.


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