How to make money on Quidco Part 4 – Finances

This is the fourth article in my series on how to make money on Quidco. In previous articles I have gone through how you can make money by changing your insurance and utilities.

So far, by changing insurance companies and utilities, we have made a total of £435! We’ve not really had to do anything other than fill a few forms in. TIP: Use the auto complete feature in your internet browser to speed things up!

In this article, I will discuss how you can easily make some money by switching banks or taking out finance with companies.

Get cashback from changing your finances

We’ll go through the different ways you can earn cashback on your various financial products – and if you’re looking for a loan or a new credit card, you can make a little more too. Remember, any applications you do for these products may leave a footprint on your credit file – so please do not go applying for multiple loans or credit cards just to get the cashback. You’re likely to do a lot of damage on your credit file.

Incidentally, you can make some cashback by signing up and checking your credit file! Register on quidco and use either MyCreditMonitor (£8 cashback), Experian (£5 cashback and free 30 day trial) or Equifax (£7 cashback and free 30 day trial).

Change your bank account

For most people this is a big deal. If like me, you’ve been with your bank since you were a child, you daren’t leave. As mentioned earlier, companies don’t tend to reward loyalty. There are a couple of banks on Quidco who are offering cashback for signing up.


We’ve gone for Nationwide FlexDirect Current Account which will give us £20 cashback.

Savings Accounts

You can be clever here and open a few savings accounts – one for each family member – so long as you use a different company each time. Remember you need to be a new customer for most (if not all) of these deals. We’ll just open one for the time being – for our daughter.


Shepherds Friendly are offering up to £120 cashback for a new Young Saver Plan. The amount of cashback depends on how much you’re willing to transfer in to the account each month. We’ll choose the mid-range level which is £20 – £49.99 per month deposited. That gets us £72 cashback.

If you were to open an ISA or other savings account for yourself and a partner, you could technically bag a few hundred pounds at this stage.

Change your Mortgage

This can be a fantastic cashback opportunity. Changing a mortgage is probably the single biggest money transfer you’ll do. It can be very stressful and take a lot of effort, but if it’s something you’re planning to do, it’s worth looking on quidco before you choose one from a highstreet bank (most of the are on quidco anyway)

I won’t go through the rates here simply because changing your mortgage is something you should always seek professional advice on.

We can however get some advice!


A quick win would be to use and compare mortgage deals. You can get 80p just for doing that! Nothing else – just a search! It all adds up!!


You can make an enquiry about a mortgage and get another £8! Again you don’t need to sign up to anything – just make an enquiry.

Credit Cards

Please remember – only apply for a Credit Card if you think you are likely to be accepted. Any application will usually leave a footprint on your credit file and could affect future financial applications. 

If you are looking for a credit card, quidco should be the place you first head to. We tend to apply for a new one every 18 months, so we can close the old one and benefit from the new card advantages!


We’ve gone for the Tesco Bank Credit Card which has a cashback rate of £60. There was one card higher at £90 cashback – the American Express business card. It’s unlikely that we would be accepted for that and American Express cards tend to have monthly or annual fees too. We’re more likely to be accepted on a Tesco card.


In this article we’ve covered how to use the various financial retailers to gain cashback. We have made a total of £160.80 which when we add to our insurance and utilities cashback comes to a running total of £595.80!

In the next article I will look at the various every-day retailers which we can use to bulk up the cashback each month!

Disclaimer: You should always seek professional financial advice before applying for any of the recommended products in this article.


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