How to Upload HD Video on Facebook from your iPhone

Each time I upload a video on to Facebook it leaves my phone in beautiful HD, yet when it gets published, it’s dreadful low-definition. I assumed it was simply because Facebook compresses and doesn’t allow HD Video. Today to my amazement I found a setting, “Upload HD Video”. It was off. I never even knew there was such a setting!

How do I upload HD Videos to Facebook from my iPhone?

Here’s how you enable your iphone for HD video upload to facebook:

  1. Go to your iphone settings
  2. Scroll down and click on the Facebook icon
  3. At the top, click “Settings”
  4. Down the screen under “Video” enable the “Upload HD” option

Step By Step Guide Image Guide

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NO WAY! I always thought it was only businesses who could upload HD videos. Learn something new every day. Ta dude