Make Easy Money With Gambling Sites on Quidco

I’ve been using Quidco since 2007 and in that time I’ve made (as of today) £3,054.99 cashback. That’s actual cash paid back in to my bank account. In this article I will tell you the quickest and easiest ways to make some serious cashback using the gambling sites!

What is Quidco and how does it work?

Quidco is a shopping directory with lots of online retailers listed on their site. You simply click a link on quidco which takes you to the site you want to buy something from. If you make a purchase, you get a percentage of that sale as cashback. So if you were going to buy a new TV from Curry’s, simply go on Quidco, click the Curry’s website, order the TV and collect the cashback via Quidco. It really is that simple.

If you’re buying something from a specific retailer – always check Quidco first. It’s what we do and it’s how we’ve managed to bag over £3k which we otherwise wouldn’t have got.

Sign up now and you’ll get £2 in your account without having to do anything!

What are the best ways to get cashback?

Make cashback from Gambling Sites

I made over £500 cashback in a few weeks just playing on slot machines through various gambling websites (on top of this I also made a few hundred quid in winnings – more on that later!). Now, this method comes with a warning. Gambling can be addictive so you shouldn’t try this method unless you’re sure you won’t continue on the sites.

This method works because there are so many gambling websites listed on Quidco which offer sign up cashback. Once you have signed up on Quidco, use the top menu and go to Show More > Gambling. You’ll see a list of the gambling retailers. What I normally do is to click the filter and sort by amount. This will put the top paying sites at the top.


It’s worth noting that these are for new customers only. If you’ve already registered on any of these sites, the cash back won’t work.

Here’s my sure fire way to make some easy money!

1. Pick a gambling site from the list (which you’ve not already registered with).

For this example, I will choose Betfair as that offers up to £70 cashback and it’s faster paying (which means you’ll receive the cashback much quicker than other sites)


You’ll notice that there are different cashback amounts. It all depends on how much you want to deposit. If you go for the lower £20 deposit, you’ll get £25 cashback. This means you’ll make £5 profit – regardless of what happens on the actual site.

NOTE: You must actually wager the money you deposit. This means if you deposit £20, you must actually gamble with it.

2. Click the “Get Cashback” button.

This will take you to the retailers website, in this case, the Betfair site.



IMPORTANT: When registering, remove any reference to PROMO codes. I cannot stress this enough. You want to turn down ALL deposit matches or deposit bonuses.

Why would I turn down a free £100 bonus?

What the gambling sites don’t make clear is that when they give you any sort of bonus, they do so with requirements. These requirements are ridiculous. You have to wager usually 25-35 times your initial deposit. So if you deposit £20, they may match that with another £20. That means you have £40. If you win say £100, you’re £60 up. The trouble is, you accepted their bonus, so you cannot get that cash until you meet their wager requirement. If the requirement is 25 times the deposit, you have to wager at least £500 before you can claim your winnings.

Turn down ALL bonuses. If one is added to your account with out you knowing, contact support BEFORE making a bet and ask that they remove it.

3. Meet the minimum wager requirement for the cashback

In this case, we went for the £20 deposit for £25 cashback. The best way is to find a slot machine and set the bet amount to £2. Do 10 spins and that’s your £20 spent. You’ve met the minimum requirements!

If you ended up winning anything, bonus! Withdraw that money back to your card and move on to the next retailer!!


4. Wait for the cashback to arrive!

The cashback should track pretty much immediately (can take a day or so) and it will take a few weeks for the money to arrive in your account. If you choose one of the “Faster Paying” sites, those usually pay within 10 days I’ve found. Others can take months though!


  1. Register on Quidco (use this link you’ll get £2 bonus to kick things off!)
  2. Find some faster paying gambling sites who pay more than the minimum required deposit
  3. Sign up on the gambling site and refuse all bonuses (if you get a bonus added automatically contact support and ask them to remove it)
  4. Meet the minimum wager requirements
  5. Withdraw any winnings
  6. Wait for the cashback to appear in your quidco account!
  7. Once cashback has been confirmed, contact each gambling site and request to be self-excluded. That way you won’t be tempted back in and you won’t be swamped with their marketing

If you have any questions, please comment.

Gambling Support

Please gamble responsibly. If you believe you may have a gambling addiction, sources of support can be found at GamCare and Gamble Aware.

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