Pop Invaders

Made a new game based on the classic “Space Invaders” game, shoot down the pop stars to gain points… hit Simon Cowell for bonus points… quick flash game adapted from the original found at Neave.com

Sorry, you will need the Flash Player to play Space Invaders.

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  • goatse

    nice game – I hate popidols and pop nowadays. Shoot em down. Shoot em down HARD. woo!

  • Nicki

    I like to smoke a little and then play. Lots of fun! Love it!

  • http://www.belching.co.uk Belch

    Heheh, always wanted to shoot that guy from Blue. But why Girls Aloud?!? Poor Cheryl, leave her alone and let her get on with dancing provocatively!

  • titties

    i love it!!!


    Pop Invaders is gr8t!! It is 1 of the best things on this site. Bye bye Matt Facer.

  • Mariah Carey

    I love “Space Indavders”! I also like “Atsteriods”.

  • Drew Cool

    Pop Invarders are so cool! Im #39!

  • Drew Cool

    U should put Michael Jackson on here! I would love to blow him up!