Touchscreen PC Jukebox

All being well, I will be moving in to my new house in a few weeks, so work has started on my PC jukebox. The idea is that there will be a wall mounted touch screen monitor which will run software pulling the MP3s from my PC.

I bought a 15″ touch screen monitor from ebay (also try Amazon)… bit risky as there were no drivers with the screen. It turns out I had a nightmare getting the thing to work. Luckily the company who originally supplied the monitor had their phone number on the back, so a quick call to Dicoll Ltd and I now had the drivers. In the end I got it working, after taking the back off and changing the “emulation” mode….. or something!

I’ve set up the monitor with some awesome software called AlbumOn. It reads your MP3 collection and looks up album covers for each one. It also comes with a special “touchscreen mode” which is perfect!!


Future Plans
As I have X10 equipment – I want to run some home automation software from this PC too. Using the touch screen to control the house will be sweet! Watch this space for some updates!

Update: 11-08-06

I finally got around to putting all the computer bits in to an old case…. also played with the idea of using a cold cathode behind the monitor to add a nice touch…. not sure if it’ll be there for the “final” wall mounted version though… we’ll see! There is also a cold cathode inside the case which is sound activated – which could be cool – except the PC will be inside a cupboard!

Update 18-12-06

Thought I’d post a few updated pics of the jukebox. It’s now installed in the kitchen and running nicely! The next step is to get one of those mini pc cases, as the current one is rather too big for my cupboard!!

<pictures could not be found, sorry 🙁 >

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that is really cool i cant wait to see the finished version!by the way can you pls put more little britain sounds on? thanx

Jan from Germany

Hey, realy nice!! I also am interested in how it looks like in your new house, so please leave a comment in the AP forum, okay? By the way, your whole website is realy cool! I like it to see people investing time in telling the world about their projects.

Best regards,


The computer is cool, but, whats even cooler in the signed Max and Paddy cover 😀