Lakeland Dry Soon Heated Electric Clothes Airer Review

We bought the Lakeland Dry:Soon heated clothes airer a few months ago now and I felt it would be a good time to leave a review about it. Quite simply, it’s the best thing we have bought for our house – EVER.

The heated clothes rail combined with the tent cover dries our clothes over night. No amount of radiators or tumble drier use can do that at such a cheap cost.

lakeland dry soon electric clothes airer with tent

It costs around 6p per hour to have the airer switched on – so over night, it’s costing us just under £1. BUT… for that £1 we can dry three washer loads. It’s honestly transformed the way we do laundry.

The clothes airer was have has three tiers. Each bar is heated (be careful as they do get quite hot!). We tend to put garments which we need for the next day (or thicker items such as jumpers) on the top as that tends to dry the quickest. The middle tier we use for thinner items such as t-shirts and the bottom tier we use for more delicate items (or ones which don’t necessarily need to be done for the morning!)

The airer has 21 metres of drying space. That is shared between 12 spaces per tier x 3 tiers. A total of 36 rails to hang clothing on.

Overnight Clothes Drying

As an example, tonight my daughter’s school uniform needed a wash so at 9pm I put it on a 1 hour wash cycle. Once that was done I hung the clothes on the top shelf of the airer knowing full well that tomorrow morning they will be bone dry. No need to leave the heat on overnight to make sure it’s dry for the morning.

school uniform drying overnight on the lakeland electric clothes dryer
My daughter’s school uniform which will be dry by morning!

Should you buy the Dry Soon Clothes Airer?

I have been advising ALL of our friends and family to buy one. It’s not cheap (the three tiered drier is £109) but it’s worth every penny in the long run. Make sure you buy the additional tent as that helps to keep the heat in which speeds up the drying process.

Where can you buy the Dry Soon Electric Clothes Rail?

It’s called the “Lakeland” airer, so obviously you can buy it directly from Lakeland. It’s also available from Amazon (great if you have Prime for free delivery!)

I really do recommend buying the tent / cover. I can’t help but feel it’s wasted energy without it!

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we bought the two tiered one but I really wish we had gone for the three. Like you we use it every night but we dont have the cover so our washing takes a day or two usually.