Cartoons & TV Sound Clips

UPDATE 2016: As mentioned in previous sound clip archives, a lot of clips were lost when the site was hacked and we moved servers. If there is a particular clip you’re after please comment and I’ll try to dig out the clip!

I’ve got a fair collection of various cartoon and tv sound clips (mostly from the 80s) – so I thought I’d share them. There are loads of 80s theme tunes for some of my favourite children’s TV shows. Enjoy!

[MP3] Bananaman
[MP3] Captain Planet
[MP3] Danger Mouse
[MP3] Denver The Last Dinosaur
[MP3] Ducktales
[MP3] Familyness
[MP3] Jim’ll Fix It
[MP3] Fraggle Rock
[MP3] Inspector Gadget (just chorus)
[MP3] He-Man
[MP3] Jimbo
[MP3] Muppets
[MP3] Pigeon Street
[WAV] Rent a Ghost
[MP3] Simpsons Theme
[MP3] Thundercats
[MP3] Top Cat
[MP3] Willy Wonka Ooma Loompa Song
[MP3] Jonny Briggs opening theme tune
[MP3] James The Cat Theme
[MP3] Maid Marion (BBC)
[MP3] Going Round The Twist (Australian)

[WAV] Fresh Price of Bel Air
[WAV] Crystal Maze
[WAV] Pingu
[WAV] Saved by The Bell
[WAV] “Hey hey good looking” (Chandler from friends)
[WAV] “Welcome to the Internet my friend” Homer Simpson
[WAV] “Doh, Doh, Doh.. I mean, woohoo!” Homer Simpson
[WAV] “Good night daniel-son” Karate Kid
[WAV] Windows fail sound, Krusty the Clown “Ah crap!”
[MP3] “You shut up” (Soccer AM)
[MP3] Peter (Family Guy) singing “You’ve got Aids”

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