Little Britain Sound Clips

A collection of little britain sound clips.Sounds

[MP3] Anne “Eh eh eeeeh”
[MP3] Emily Howard “I’m a lady”
[MP3] Daffyd “You are not gay, you’re just a little puffy”
[MP3] Vicky Pollard “No but yeah but no but yeah”
[MP3] Daffyd “I’m the only gay in the village”
[MP3] Andy “Yeah I know”
[MP3] Dennis Waterman “Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune”

[MP3] Bubbles de Vere “Call me Bubbles”
[MP3] Maggie “Please judy, no more lesbian jam”
[MP3] Carol “Computer says no”
[MP3] Harvey Pincher “I want bitty”

[MP3] US President Aide “Yes sir, Mr President, Sir”
[MP3] Lou “You evil Pole”

[MP3] Daffyd “I’m here, I’m queer get used to it”
[MP3] Linda (Uni Counsellor) “That’s right, the big fat lesbian”
[MP3] Linda (Uni Counsellor) “That’s it, the ching chong chinaman ”
[MP3] Linda (Uni Counsellor) “That’s it, the oompa loompa ”
[MP3] Old Woman “what that boy needs is a nice big cock up his arse”
[MP3] Dennis Waterman “Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune”
[MP3] Marjorie Dawes (Fat Fighters) “Dust anybody, no?”

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Any chance you can get some little britain wav’s or mp3s of the scottish bloke from the hotel? (I forget his name). Yeeeeeeaaas and have ye heard of a thing called….butter?


and your back in the room

vicky king
vicky king

hi. i have looked through all the mp3’s and i couldnt find two for little britain, ‘i want that one’ and ‘i dont like it!’ would be ever so grateful if you could download these sayings onto the site coz they are one of the best ones! thanks, vicky


Hi – any chance of Sebastian saying “Whatever” being uploaded?



ali mcnamara
ali mcnamara

hello. i want, “i, am from the ghetto…”
last epp series 2